Top 4 Places for a Graphic Designer to Study Abroad

So again, I’m here with another list that I’ve made from mostly my opinion, and some fact thrown in for taste. So the following is the top 4, yes 4, places for a graphic design major to study. It’s based on what kind of design is going on, the general abroad experience, quality of the programs etc… In no specific order, the Top 4 Places for Graphic Design majors to study are:

1. United Kingdom

It might have been an easy assumption, but the United Kingdom is definitely somewhere a graphic designer can gain great experience. It has London, which has everything. It’s a huge nightlife city, historical city, business city, fashion city, cutting edge city that is looking for designers. European work in general is a lot different from American design and it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

2. Switzerland

Graphic design in Switzerland is all about grids, lines, geometric shapes, and uniformity. It has a very distinct, clean style that can suit many graphic design majors. Switzerland itself is a major attraction for all study abroad students. The economy, opportunities, and location are big attractions.

3. The Netherlands

Dutch graphic design has a very distinctive style that is a bit more edgy than other locations. There’s a great permanent exhibit at the Graphic Design Museum that shows the evolution of design through two world wars. The Netherlands also has its own attractions that many study abroad students fancy.

4. Japan

A lot of new technologies and concepts are coming from Asia, and the design there is also evolving quickly. The whole anime scene is heavily based in Japan and exposes people to an entirely new form of animation and design. Also, Japan’s culture couldn’t be more different than American culture and facing that allows you to develop life skills and traits that employers look for. Everything is still so traditional, but now with a modern twist.



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14 responses to “Top 4 Places for a Graphic Designer to Study Abroad

  1. alexander

    could you tell me where the image named UK Design is from? I’d love to be able to read the text.

    • Alexander, Thanks for the comment!
      I will try to locate it, I did post it over a year ago before I was wise enough to link to the proper place and cite my source. I’ll be digging around to see if I can find it, and will send you a URL when I do.


    • I haven’t forgot about you! I have a few last places to look….I probably won’t be able to find the source, but hopefully a larger res image

      • Hi Tricia, how are you? I think pinterest linked your blog in a pin. This first illustration it’s mine 🙂 It’s about a visual exercise I did when I studied in Central Saint Martin, London, in 2008. You can find the story here Drop me a line and I can send to you the illustration in a larger resolution. 🙂 Cheers! 🙂

  2. moji khosh

    hi, i think if you mention the japanese graphic design, then the iranian graphic design is noticable can have a great inspiration from them.

  3. Chios hotels

    Hello there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this site.

  4. Lucy

    Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for your post. I was interested in knowing further about studying graphic design in Japan. Are there specific programs offered, that you could recommend? Thanks!

    • Hey Lucy! I would start by speaking to the study abroad office / international education office at your college if there is one. Other than that, I’d look into third parties like AIFS, CIEE, CEA, etc…

  5. what about Barcelona?? This might be a top 5, not 4. 😀

  6. sumoncpi

    Your blog is really nice!

  7. Morten christensen

    I myself am very interested in going to Japan and study graphic design/web design/interactive design. Which universities have you been looking at fit this top 4?

    Regard Morten.

  8. What are the institutes that teach graphic design in Switzerland and which ones teach in english?

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