Who I am

I’m Tricia, a senior marketing major at Champlain College. This blog has been started as a part of my senior capstone class, where we follow Gary Vaynerchuk‘s advice and CRUSH IT! My passion is Study Abroad.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/triciacawley

Twitter: @triciacawley

Email: tricia@triciacawley.com

Are you wondering who else is crushing it?

Brian Kleiber crushes it on bikes

Kelly Diamond crushes it with food (everything looks soooo tasty)

Katherine McGrath crushes it with tea

Kenna Tatro crushes sports fans and passions

Kyle Chamberlain crushes skateboarding

Nina Born crushes fashion, snowboarding, and music

Melissa Tiburzio crushes travel and volunteerism

Dave Armenti crushes his pet peeves

Megan Crilly crushes market research

Korey Drewniak crushes fish (not literally… at least I hope not)

Angelica Ferris crushes fashion

Nate Ginsbury crushes home brewing beer

Lucas Hertweck crushes comparisons

Danica Lamos crushes it with social media

Lyndsay Mahoney crushes it in interior design

Alex Nishida crushes military fashion

Rob Ouellette crushes hockey

Kristan Partaneau crushes it with sports

Monique Prevost crushes student life

Nick Puma crushes basketball (with his bare hands)

Aria Ricci crushes herself

Olivia Tenan crushes non-profits

Each one of these students, my classmates for the past 4 years, is blogging about their passion-all because of our teacher, Elaine Young who crushes it with teaching


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