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Forum on Education Abroad Conference

This past weekend was the Forum on Education Abroad Conference. It’s a great event that is aimed to bring people together who share a passion for study abroad and international education. At the event there were various assessment tools used to measure intercultural development, study abroad outcomes, and many other competencies. One assessment was the Learning from Study Abroad survey which measures eight different outcomes:

The ability to reason by developing an understanding that:
1. Culture influences how one thinks and reasons.
2. There are differences between cultures that influence norms.
3. Without being judgmental, cultural similarities and differences can be analytically compared and contrasted.
4. Certain universals of human existence transcend cultural differences.

Self-reflective insights that:
5. Allow one to understand that one’s culture has shaped his/her values or beliefs.
6. Allow one to continue the development of his/her personal identity (values, beliefs, goals, etc.) based on a multicultural perspective.

A capacity for effective action, which includes:
7. The skills to operate effectively in multicultural and intercultural situations.
8. The motivation to address issues of contemporary global concern.


Inside Higher Ed has a great article about the actual conference and can be found here.



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Allow me to introduce myself…

Hello all, allow me introduce myself. My name is Tricia and I am currently a senior in my last semester at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. As a marketing major, I couldn’t have chosen a better school than Champlain, and this blog is another untraditional portion to the curriculum. Throughout my four years here, I’ve had access to amazing opportunities, and the most amazing of all was the semester I spent abroad in Dublin, Ireland, in spring 2010. Our school has two international campuses, one in Montréal and one in Dublin, and I was fortunate enough to experience Champlain College in Dublin. It truly was a life changing experience and upon arriving back to the Burlington campus, I was offered a work-study position in the Office of International Education as a Champlain Abroad Student Recruiter. I was essentially asked to help out in the office and getting students psyched about studying abroad. Through this work and experience I have realized that I have a strong passion for studying abroad and wish every college student could have the experience. You can never really know yourself until you experience yourself in another culture. There honestly is nothing like being completely out of your element, in a different country, living abroad.

This blog is going to feature my thoughts, opinions, and passion for studying abroad and international education.

Throughout the blog I will be featuring pictures from my friend and fellow study abroader, Chris Harris. Such as this one:

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