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Forum on Education Abroad Conference

This past weekend was the Forum on Education Abroad Conference. It’s a great event that is aimed to bring people together who share a passion for study abroad and international education. At the event there were various assessment tools used to measure intercultural development, study abroad outcomes, and many other competencies. One assessment was the Learning from Study Abroad survey which measures eight different outcomes:

The ability to reason by developing an understanding that:
1. Culture influences how one thinks and reasons.
2. There are differences between cultures that influence norms.
3. Without being judgmental, cultural similarities and differences can be analytically compared and contrasted.
4. Certain universals of human existence transcend cultural differences.

Self-reflective insights that:
5. Allow one to understand that one’s culture has shaped his/her values or beliefs.
6. Allow one to continue the development of his/her personal identity (values, beliefs, goals, etc.) based on a multicultural perspective.

A capacity for effective action, which includes:
7. The skills to operate effectively in multicultural and intercultural situations.
8. The motivation to address issues of contemporary global concern.


Inside Higher Ed has a great article about the actual conference and can be found here.



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Internships Abroad

Firstly, let me apologize for being absent this past week or so… I was on my last spring break ever. This time last year I went to London and Greece for spring break, this year I went to Massachusetts and Connecticut. Let’s just say I had a bit more adventure last year…

Rhodes, Greece

Anyway, interning abroad is probably one of the greatest things any student can do while pursuing an undergraduate degree. Interning in any major is nearly essential for experience before graduation and I’m obviously a huge fan of international education – so the combination is fantastic. I personally didn’t intern abroad, but I’ve had a few friends and follow a few people online that intern abroad and the consensus is that it is a great, can’t miss opportunity.

Firstly, interning abroad gives a student a look at another dimension of the host country- the business world. This whole different perspective can contribute to a much broader understanding of the country and culture. There’s a whole social aspect that an abroader would be exposed to that other students wouldn’t have the chance to and it’s essential to understand this if one ever decides to return to the country to live.

Upon returning home, one that interns abroad would now have an amazing point to post on a resume. It helps you stand out to potential employers and is experience that a vast majority of people do not have. Working abroad while in college is definitely a talking point and unique aspect to a resume.

Many programs have connections to local businesses and link up students with internships as part of programs. GoAbroad.com has some great resources with internships and tweets (@goabroad) quite often about internships abroad. They’re a great resource for anyone looking for some work experience while studying abroad.

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